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Building a telescope...

Do you really need another meditation sales pitch?

Yes! Why not??

I recently clicked my meditation app's "consecutive days" counter to over 1000.

Brag OVER, because in full disclosure I fell asleep MANY, MANY times. And got distracted and impatient, and angsty. BUT I showed up. I was using an app called Headspace but I marked this milestone by subscribing to a new app called Waking Up with Sam Harris. One of the first guided meditations, he talks about what meditation can do for you with a great analogy: you KNOW the sky, and all the stars, and the universe are up there. All kinds of things get in the way of you seeing it though: clouds, light noise from cities, mist, smoke…but still it is there. Meditation can be thought of as helping you build a telescope, slowly, piece by piece and day by day. You may not even realize the progress you are making but suddenly one day it all comes into focus (and, knowing me, I’ve put pieces of it together incorrectly so I can kinda sorta see the stars, but I’m gonna need to go back a redo some things!!). But what a great thing to remember: the patience needed and the faith required that when you are persistent you will one day find that you’ve assembled your telescope! Ah, the wonder of it all!

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