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Second (Strength's) Septenary - Integrate the Cosmos

Societal truths


VIII Strength

IX The Hermit

X The Wheel of Fortune

XI Justice

XII The Hanged Man

XIII Death

XIV Temperance


The Second Septenary represents the forging of the Self within society. It is the path of self-discovery (8, Strength), seeking wisdom (9, The Hermit), understanding the laws of nature (10, Wheel of Fortune) and thus, the laws of man (11, Justice). It is the transformation of the physical body of the Self (13, Death) toward spiritual equilibrium (14, Temperance).

Second Septenary (set of 7)

  • Tarot flags are each 5"x9", 100% Cotton, and reach over 6' wide (including hanging string on either end)

    They are silk screened and hand-stitched in Kathmandu, Nepal by a family-owned business that has been making traditional prayer flags for three generations.

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