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Intuitive tarot card reading

I believe that the symbols in the tarot cards act as "doorways" to your inner self (intuition, Holy Spirit, inner knowing, gut!). There are many names but tapping into your subconscious level allows you access to your essential self - the one that knows what is best for you.

The cards reveal the energies surrounding you. I believe in a course that you can alter with your free will and positive actions.

What to expect at your reading

1. Sessions are confidential

2. We will need a question or two. If you are unsure I will help you with this.

3. The Tarot cards are rich and layered with symbolism. Some symbols are universal, some are specifically meaningful to you personally.

If you are not completely satisfied with our time together your fee will be refunded. It is good Karma, it is good business, and it is my personal policy and belief.

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