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All three strings (7 flags per string).


Each septenary is a smaller path in the Fool’s larger journey of the 21 Majors. There are many ideas as to the meanings of these paths of 7. One is to think of them as progressively expanding spheres of understanding. The first seven are about individual understanding and the personal psyche. The second seven, full of virtues like Strength, Justice, and Temperance, are about social and moral understanding. And the third seven, with cosmic forces like the Sun, Moon, Star, and World, are about transcendence and religious/spiritual/mystical understanding.

Set of Three Tarot Flag Strings

  • Tarot flags are each 5"x9", 100% Cotton, and reach over 6' wide (including hanging string on either end)

    They are silk screened and hand-stitched in Kathmandu, Nepal by a family-owned business that has been making traditional prayer flags for three generations.

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