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The Magician's Septenary - Integrate the Self

Personal, psychological truths


I The Magician

II The High Priestess

III The Empress

IV The Emperor

V The Heirophant

VI The Lovers

VII The Chariot

Making sense of who we are based on  where we have come from, what influences us, and how we begin the journey of self-actualization.


The First Septenary represents the development of the Self. It is the journey of the individual recognizing his or her own personal power and capabilities (1, The Magician ). Making the conscious effort to pursue knowledge (2, The High Priestess). Manifestation of aspiration (3, The Empress), and ultimately, to choose which path to walk, (6, The Lovers), and then to take the first steps forward on that path (7, The Chariot).

First Septenary (set of 7)

  • Tarot flags are each 5"x9", 100% Cotton, and reach over 6' wide (including hanging string on either end)

    They are silk screened and hand-stitched in Kathmandu, Nepal by a family-owned business that has been making traditional prayer flags for three generations.

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