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Third Septenary - Integrate the Divine

Universal human truths


XV The Devil

XVI The Tower

XVII The Star

XVIII The Moon

XIX The Sun

XX Judgement

XXI The World


The Third Septenary represents a journey to the divine. In eastern traditions, the path to enlightenment. In western traditions, being raised by one’s faith to the level of sharing in divinity of a god principle. The culmination of the Fool’s journey begins with facing one's personal shadow (14, The Devil). It continues with the personal volcano (15, The Tower), and ultimately, enlightenment (21, The World).

Third Septenary (set of 7)

  • Tarot flags are each 5"x9", 100% Cotton, and reach over 6' wide (including hanging string on either end)

    They are silk screened and hand-stitched in Kathmandu, Nepal by a family-owned business that has been making traditional prayer flags for three generations.

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